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My Favourite Products - Lesley

We're so excited to bring you product faves from friends of the Penny Paper Co. We're obviously obsessed with everything. But don't take just our word for it! Read other reviews from both our crew, and friends of ours, and see what they recommend!

I seriously love Penny Paper Co!  The products have been part of my feel good rituals for ages.  I send boxes to family, friends and sometimes…just to myself. As an experienced Penny Paper Person, I have my favourites list:

  1. Bergamot & Grapefruit Bath Bomb – This bath bomb never disappoints. The smell is incredible and the fizz is creamy and long-lasting. #bigfan
  2. Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies – True confessions, I eat these in the bath while enjoying my bath bomb.  The flavours totally complement each other and I don’t have to share with anyone. Even truer confessions – I call them my little boyfriends.
  3. Rainbow #2 Enamel Pin – I have had this pin on my jean jacket for years.  I wear my PRIDE all year long.

 This isn’t on my faves list yet but it will be…The hairball kitty.  This little marvel will be the perfect fidget toy for my office when I hit hour 4 of my endless Zoom calls.  It’s way more fun and easier to clean up than the real version that I am sure my cats have gifted me (maybe they should try Penny Paper Co instead next time).

I love Penny Paper because it makes me feel good and happy inside and out.  Keep these amazing treats coming.  Your forever fan. 


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STAFF PICKS: Oscar, Age 10

Oscar is our in-house-candy-tester, and happens to be my kiddo. He is helping me kick off our "Picks of the Week" where we share what some of our team's favourite items are. We hope that you will be introduced to some cool new products, but also get a sense of what's popular based on our team. 

Oscar picked the Chupa Chups Melody Pop and wrote: 

My favourite candy is the melody pops because they are very fun to use and they are tasty! They are very easy to use, just blow and it will make a noise! When your done you can just eat them.

- Oscar


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