Candy Care Package

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How to create your own gift?

Select from all of our goodies below or, browse the site and add items to your cart. Everything in your cart will be included in the gift. If it's in your shopping cart, it's getting into the amazing box of awesome that you're creating!

How much does it cost?

It's up to you! You build the gift to suit your budget. We don't charge for handwriting your card or gift wrapping. Shipping and taxes are additional costs. 

How does the gift arrive?

The parcel arrives with stickers and a fun confetti / sprinkle tape. Pop over to our Instagram to see some fun pictures. We get the greatest joy in making the box extra special for the recipient.

Can you do multiple boxes with different names in one order?

As much as we LOVE being accommodating and flexible, this system is really not set up for sending multiple boxes to one address in one order. What you will have to do is places an individual order, for each gift.

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