How To Place Your Wholesale Order


Welcome to The Penny Paper Co. family. We're so excited that you are interested in carrying our line. If you've landed on this page, you've been approved and, set up with an online account. This page is provided to help with how you can order with us. Be sure to bookmark this page for future help!

Logging Into Your Account

When you visit our shop, be sure to log into your account before you start shopping. Once you are logged in you can...

  • See products that are hidden to the public
  • Have access to wholesale only resources by clicking on the WHOLESALE section in the top navigation bar (These pages are hidden unless you are logged in)


Retailer Resources 

How To Order Online - USA

1. Log into your account - Once logged in, prices that you will see will still be retail (not wholesale pricing) however you will now see products that are wholesale only in addition to our regular line.

2. Use your shop coupon code
For our USA clients we provide a coupon code to discount your order 50% which is our general wholesale discount.* Use this code to reduce your shopping cart total by 50%. If we did not provide you with a coupon code please e-mail us to request one, or, send us an e-mail with your order.

3. Checkout and your order will ship!

How To Order Online - Canada

1. Log into your account - Once logged in, you will be see products that are wholesale only in addition to our regular line. Prices should appear with a line through the regular price, and a red discounted price beside the product. The red price is the wholesale price.

2. Checkout as normal

E-Mail Us Your Order

You can always just e-mail us your order! Simply e-mail us your order, requested ship by date (if not imediate) and we will e-mail you an invoice. At this time we don't do net 30 orders, so payment must be received prior to shipment.

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